Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally! I have been about to explode but I can finally spread the wonderful news! My beautiful daughter, Tonya, is going to bless us with our first grandbaby in February. We are so excited and she is doing well. Billy sounds very excited and they were able to actually see a baby with beautiful hands, feet and you can even see a little nose, in their ultrasound today. I could truly hear the excitement in Tonya's voice today.

I know it's going to be difficult for me to be so far away and not be able to just jump in the car when she needs me to babysit or to help her get caught up on some sleep after the babies born. We hope to spend a few days with them, if the will have us, after the baby is born so we can help them. She is lucky to have family close and her in-laws only 3 hours away unlike our 10 hours.

We are very proud of Tonya and Billy. They have done everything right....get married in the temple, save money to buy a home and then find a wonderful home to start their family. The baby is going to be blessed with wonderful parents that are close to their Heavenly Father and will raise he or she in a wonderfully spiritual and loving home.

We love you guys and will always be here if we are needed for anything. Thanks for blessing us so wonderfully!


  1. thanks mom! of course you are welcome to stay with us after! I am going to need all of the help i can get! we bought a futon last week just for that purpose!!! love ya!

  2. Congratulations Laura! (And Billy and Tonya). I bet you are just so excited!